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2009 Excavations Season - Photo Gallery

Excavations in the western gate of Khirbet Qeiyafa in April 2009

Dismantling the blockage of the Hellenistic gate The opened Hellenistic gate Close-up of the Hellenistic threshold Dismantling the Hellenistic blockage of the Iron IIa gate
The Hellenistic threshold on top of an Iron IIa threshold. The Iron IIa threshold in the gate. Close-up of the Iron IIa threshold. It is constructed from a single monolith, ca. 3 m long

Reconstruction of the western Iron IIa gate

Covering the original part of the gate with geo-textile Placing new stones on top of the gate's walls Lifting heavy stones with the help of a backhoe
The final placement of the stones is done by hand Marking the reconstructed part by a cement line Close-up of the cement line (it is clearly marked as a reconstruction line)

The western Iron IIa gate

Aerial view of the Iron IIa gate Ground view of the Iron IIa gate The southern half of the gate The northwestern chamber of the gate

2009 Excavasions Season
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